I’m Jenna, a life-loving adventurer who loves traveling and saves a little bit from everything else in order to be able to travel as often as possible. I started by doing organised trips with my family and friends but today I prefer to travel more on trips that I have planned myself.

Traveling teaches, expands the view of the world and gives the confidence to go farther and farther away. Instagram has also brought the world closer and nowadays it is much easier to find new places that I didn’t even know existed! I always prefer to go to a place I haven’t been before.

I currently live in Helsinki and work as a kindergarten teacher at a kindergarten. Work requires me to be positive, persevering, funny, playful and well-organized. I also feel that small things matter in life.

I have been dreaming to start a blog for many years now. We got this idea with my friend in the subway while going home from my first canoeing trip ever. I am glad that our idea took the wind in the sails and we are at this point. Welcome to read our stories, hopefully you like them!