Hola! My name is Sanna, forever young wanderer and future lady boss who is not afraid to take a jump to unknown. Currently I live in Madrid and I’m studying a business degree in university. As a student I don’t have any extra money in my pockets but I have more time and freedom than ever. For what I’ve noticed the ratio between time and money seems to be a paradox when traveling: when you have the time you don’t have the money and vice versa. So before entering full-time working zone again I have decided to travel as much as possible with minimum budget.

In Spain I’m living my life to the fullest, slowly turning into a spaniard enjoying my siestas, fiestas and stress-free life. Besides all the traveling, in this blog I’m gonna give you some insights to spanish lifestyle, awesome travel tips and recommendations of cafes, restaurants, sightseeing and experiences regarding to Spain and especially Madrid.

Before moving to Madrid I lived in Helsinki for six years and that’s when I got interested in traveling, so basically I started on my twenties my first trip being a weekend getaway from Helsinki to Tallinn. When I was 24 I did my first solo trip to Barcelona and absolutely loved it! After that I have tried to travel solo at least once a year as I find it very empowering and simply time for myself.

I really hope you enjoy reading our blog and find some laughter and inspiration to your day. Stay tuned for new trips!

Un beso, Sanna