• Finland

    Christmas Spirit of Porvoo

    My friend Anna and I went Christmas shopping to beautiful Porvoo last Saturday. Porvoo is a small city one-hour ride away from Helsinki. It is very popular summer destination but in my opinion it’s also special to visit there during the Christmas season because of many beautiful Christmas markets/bazaars where you can buy Finnish handicraft like handmade woollen socks, jewellery and traditional Christmas sweets.

    The Old Town is the heart of Porvoo and the most loved part of the city according to locals and visitors. The narrow and cobbled streets, colourful old wooden houses, small shops, cafes and restaurants make you want to visit Porvoo time after another.

    Besides enjoying the 16th-17th century atmosphere of the Old Town you should visit Porvoo Cathedral which is one of the most famous places to visit in Porvoo. The Cathedral is built in 13th century and it’s historically very important. Also, the old red wooden storehouses by the river Porvoojoki are a beautiful sight. You can get the best view from the other side of the river. If you like chocolate, you can’t miss the Brunberg chocolate factory store. You can taste all sorts of chocolates for free and buy them with quite good price. For lunch you should head to restaurant Hanna-Maria which offers traditional Finnish food like salmon soup or reindeer meat.

    You can travel to Porvoo by your own (or rented) car or by bus. From Helsinki you can book your tickets from Matkahuolto or Onnibus websites. Return journey costs around 10€ and there are buses leaving every hour or even more often. You can even decide to go during the same day just to have a lunch or enjoy a stress-free day in the Old Town of Porvoo.

    With love Jenna