MIAMI – Where’s the party at?

“I’m going to relax, enjoy the long beaches, sun and warm weather. I’ll book my hostel from Miami Beach so I can go for an early morning run every day at the sandy beach, have a breakfast and chill at the pool before tanning at the beach or getting to know other neighbourhoods. One day I wanna do a road trip to Key West.”

Miami Beach, Florida

Yeah no, not even close. First of all, if you are going to Miami at the end of June when it’s hurricane season, don’t expect the weather to be great because it’s not. There were many rainy days which kind of ruined my plans once and for all.

So, my trip to Miami ended up being quite different than I expected but still it was a good one. I met really nice people, I went clubbing, I went more clubbing (because at the end it didn’t matter if you sleep the next day as it was gonna rain anyways) and finally I did the road trip to Key West!

Miami Beach, Florida

I stayed at Generator Hostel in Miami Beach for five nights and I can warmly recommend this hostel. It was clean, nice interior design, quiet dorms, it has its own restaurant and at the patio the pool and the bar invite people to get social with each other. 8-bed female dorm cost around 20 USD/night, no breakfast included. Otherwise Miami is pretty expensive city. Like in LA the public transportation basically doesn’t exist so easiest way to get around is by Über or Lyft (remember to download both applications to your phone before your trip). I bought a prepaid SIM card with 10 GB of internet and it cost me 40 USD which I considered really expensive. Then again it is just so much easier to have the internet than be dependent on where you can find a WiFi to get your Uber. Eating out is also quite costly and going out, well let’s just say this is when your dollars start to fly.

Hostel Generator, Miami

Miami never sleeps. It’s a city of endless parties 24/7. You’ll run out of money before you even notice as all the entries and drinks are expensive. Obviously, it is better to be female and get invited to parties for free.

I cannot believe I’m really writing this but here are my recommendations where to party in Miami:

Club Space is the most famous of all, entries there cost around 100 USD and besides that the tickets end up being sold out. I got to know a girl from my hostel who has the ability to talk her way in any place and situation, so she managed to talk us in during a sold-out night and even wanted to invite me paying my 100 bucks entry. (Love you Karolina!) The party continues until 11 am and I’m telling you, you’re going to keep on partying under the sunrise so don’t forget to bring your sunglasses! I managed to last until 8.30 am.

Story is kind of a typical night club. During the night I was there the DJ was Don Diablo and the next night French Montana was performing. It has a big dancefloor and reserved tables levelling up to give you a perfect view of the club. Great party.

Liv is a nightclub inside of a fancy hotel in Miami Beach and it’s in 2 levels. From the upper floor you’ll get the view to the dancefloor. The music was quite typical commercial one.

E11even is a club I didn’t actually go to but many people told me this is one of the big ones and the party goes on 24 hours every day of the week. Whoa.

Bodega is a hip hop club and offers different kind of vibes than the previous ones. Is not as fancy or big but I ended up going there twice.

Miami is a very spread out city so there are many places recommended to visit during your stay.

South Beach is living up to its fame. This part of Miami is very touristic as it is full of beach resorts like the entire Miami Beach. It is the heart of the nightlife and parties and full of people showing off while tanning at the beach or going out. Also recognized because of its Art Deco District.

Wynwood is an artsy neighbourhood full of colourful street art and enormous murals at the Wynwood Walls. Also filled with contemporary art galleries and many bars (more affordable ones) and restaurants. Definitely worth to visit as it is something totally different from Miami Beach.

Brickell is the fancy financial district in Miami. You can find newly built skyscrapers, city’s best rooftops and cocktails from this area. Also home to a luxury mall called Brickell City Centre.

Brickell, financial district in Miami, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is actually another city located 45 km to the north from Miami. It is known for its beaches, art and events. I would have liked to visit but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time. I was also told that if you want to do some surfing this is the place to do it.

Road trip to Key West was the only thing I really really wanted to do when in Miami. I gathered a group of people from my hostel, we rented a car for one day and headed to Key West early in the morning. Almost 4-hour ride through the scenic Florida Keys was a nice experience and Key West at the end of all was the cherry on top of the cake. Sadly, there was awfully a lot of seaweed at the beaches in Key West but we managed to find a clean one at Fort Zachary. I loved the idyllic colourful houses and the laidback small town summer vibes. I would recommend staying there over night as one day road trip is after all only few hours spent at the island. We headed back to Miami around 6 pm to return the car.

Key West, Florida

My conclusion is that Miami was a great experience but I think for me seeing it once is enough.

Fort Zachary, Key West, Florida

With love, Sanna

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