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    With love, Sanna & Jenna

    Welcome to read our blog From Lapland to South. We have been friends for years now and we travel a lot together, separately and solo. As inspired by our adventures, we decided to start this blog together and share the tips of two ordinary young women about traveling, planning travels and making dreams come true, that you can also find a spark for traveling.

    At the moment, we focus at traveling on a small budget, which everybody who’s dreaming of traveling could afford. On our trips, we want to enjoy the local food, the atmosphere, long beaches, mountains, architecture, christmas lights, culture and all the must see places in travel destination. AND YES, all this can be done on a small budget.

    We are born in Finnish Lapland and we really miss some things from there like the pure nature, 4 seasons, nightless nights, polar nights, aurora borealis, silence and the santa claus with his reindeers. Although we have both moved away from Lapland almost ten years ago, we are deeply rooted in the north and we feel that’s always gonna be a big part of us. At the moment, one of us is living in Helsinki and the other one in Madrid, so we are going to make a lot of posts about traveling in Finland and in Spain.

    We hope that you’ll enjoy our trips from snowy Lapland to the southern sun and back.

    With love, Sanna & Jenna